Caribou are the icon of the North


There are few animals that rival the beauty of an old white maned bull with sweeping antlers. The remote, northern edge of British Columbia is well known for its Mountain Caribou and in our opinion, these are some of the world’s finest caribou trophies.

Mountain caribou are a non-migrating sub-species and they are abundant here throughout the hunting season. Their white manes, dark coloring and dramatic antlers make them very unique. We consistently harvest quality animals and every year put some mountain caribou in the record books. Like the other species we hunt, the special thing about this area is sheer quantity of game and impressive trophy quality.

Our B.C. caribou hunts begin on August 20 and run through October 15. After flying into one of our three excellent base camps, caribou hunters can expect to hunt each day on horseback. Horses allow us to access the high plateaus where the caribou frequent. These are exciting, spot-and-stalk hunts. And because caribou are active throughout the day, it tends to be an action-packed hunt with little down time.

Back at camp, our hunters are welcomed by cozy, warm cabins, a full kitchen that produces great home cooking, a hot shower and friendly staff. More than just a great caribou hunt, we pride ourselves on providing a memorable experience from every angle.

A B.C. mountain caribou hunt makes a perfect combination with canadian moose. Moose and caribou inhabit many of the same areas and it’s a perfect opportunity to hunt two trophies in a single trip.

This hunt epitomizes what a northern hunt should be. For availability or more specifics, we welcome you to give us a call or send us a message!



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