British Columbia Hunting News

Carrying an emergency kit is easy to dismiss. It’s the one thing you always carry and never use – until you need it. Here are a few tips for keeping it light.


Portable power systems have come a long ways in the past couple of years, which is great news for hunters and guides who travel to remote hunting destinations.


Northern B.C. offers hunting like nowhere else on earth. Here are the top three reasons why we love hunting in British Columbia and why you will too.


The contents of your daypack may change from one hunt to another. But consider these three simple tips on any guided hunt in remote, mountain country.


Skills behind the binoculars are critical for an effective mountain hunt. Here are four tips to help improve your glassing and to locate more game this season.


You’ll need more than just quality gear on your hunt. Consider these top priorities as you prepare for a hunt in northern British Columbia.


On a backcountry hunt, your appetite kicks into overdrive. Here are a few ideas to satisfy your hunger and gain calories quickly without overloading your pack.


Other than the rugged terrain that mountain goats inhabit, few hunters can tell you much about them. Here are 4 things you may not know about mountain goats.


Training for a mountain hunt should be challenging. This doesn’t mean it should be monotonous and uninspiring. Here are a few tips to get you started.


If you are preparing for a combo hunt in B.C., or a hunt in any remote location, here are three critical things that you should look for in a sleeping bag.


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