2017 Hunting Season Update from British Columbia

Sep 24, 2017Kawdy News

The 2017 hunting season here in British Columbia has been a memorable one! We will provide a full update with more photos after the season when we have more time to regroup. But we wanted to share a brief update from our hunts in northern British Columbia.

The season started off with some incredible stone sheep hunts. Our clients harvested excellent rams this year, consistent with the healthy age classes and conservative harvest that we have continued to practice. We continue to focus on harvesting only older, mature rams. A big thanks goes to our stone sheep hunters this year!

We also enjoyed some excellent mountain goat hunting and early season mountain caribou hunting. Taking big mountain caribou bulls while they are still in velvet is always incredibly memorable. They are truly impressive animals. And hunting mountain goats early in the season never gets old. Being up high on these peaks and plateaus offers views of this vast wilderness that a person will never forget.

One of the most fun things about our hunts in this remote corner of northern B.C. is that almost every hunt is a combo hunt. Of course many of our hunters come with a top species in mind that they hope to target. But when you can potentially hunt moose, mountain caribou and mountain goats from a single camp, there are so many fun possibilities.

Thanks again to our 2017 hunters who have visited us so far this season. And stay tuned for more photos and updates when we emerge from the B.C. wilderness!

Written by Ryan McSparran

Ryan McSparran is an outdoor writer, a hunting and fly fishing guide, and very proud to be a part of the Kawdy Outfitters team.