3 Reasons That It’s Time to Book Your B.C. Hunt

Jan 22, 2019B.C. Hunting

By Zach Lazzari | Photos by Ryan McSparran

You could continue saying, “someday.” But as your spouse might like to remind you, you’re not getting any younger. Hunts are booking up for 2020 and beyond. If you’ve researched our trips and are sitting on the fence, now is the time to pick a side and make the jump. Here are three reasons to get you motivated to book your B.C. hunt.

1. Multiple Species

Very few hunting destinations can deliver on such a multitude of species. The opportunity to punch two or more tags on difficult big game hunts in a remote wilderness setting is rare. Throw in the size quality on moose, mountain caribou and mountain goat, and you really have a rare combination. At Kawdy Outfitters, the majority of hunters arrive with at least a couple of tags in their pocket. Every year, few of our hard-working clients manage to take three species on a single hunt.

2. Burns and Regerative Growth

Several old, and quite expansive, burns in the area in the regenerative phases. That means more food availability and increased glassing opportunities in areas that were once very dense. Over time, these areas have produced improved forage for wildlife and now produce world class trophies with incredible consistency.

Even outside of these burns, the country in northern British Columbia is relatively open and huntable, especially compared to many places in the Yukon, which are thick and have low moose densities. Here, we enjoy high animal densities and the ability to glass long distances, creating a better hunting experience for our clients.

Northern B.C. Hunting

3. Because You Need to Check Out

Perhaps now more than ever, we need breaks from our packed schedules and the digital world. Preparing for a hunt is the ideal reason to train and get your body in shape. We use horses for a good chunk of our backcountry travel, but being strong and in shape will only add to your enjoyement of the hunt.

Spending time in the wilderness is refreshing and flat out good for your body and mind. The areas we hunt in British Columbia are among the most remote and least populated places in the world. This is truly wild country. It’s worth the trip just to experience the wildness of this region. You will remember the experience forever.

For information on a B.C. hunt with Kawdy Outfitters, explore the rest of our website. For specific questions and availability, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Written by Zach Lazzari

Zach is an outdoor writer, fly fishing guide and hunting enthusiast. Follow Zach at bustedoarlock.com