3 Tips to Prepare Mentally for a 10-Day Wilderness Hunt

Jun 27, 2022Kawdy News, Tips & Advice

When you’re getting ready to embark on a wilderness hunt in the remote reaches of British Columbia, or anywhere for that matter, it’s as important to prepare mentally as it is physically. A positive attitude and mental toughness are also important to a hunter’s success. There will be challenges. There will be discomfort. When this happens, it’s easy to check out mentally. Here are a few tips on how to approach this type of adventure.

1. Remember, this is supposed to be fun.

First and most importantly, remember that this is supposed to be fun! Hunters sometimes put so much pressure on themselves that they forget to have fun. Enjoy the entire experience and each day of your hunt.

Take photos on your charter flight into the wilderness. Keep a journal and record all the wildlife you see. Take pictures with your hunting partners or guides. If you only come home with pictures of a trophy, you’ve missed a large part of the experience. The whole experience should be memorable, so make an effort to stop and look around you once in a while. Of course taking a trophy is your goal, and that’s the priority. But don’t loose sight of why you’re hunting – because you enjoy it!

2. Be prepared to hunt in any weather.

Second, be prepared for weather – all weather! Good and bad, you might experience a little of everything throughout the course of a 10-day wilderness hunt. Here in British Columbia, the climate can be soggy. You might even lose some hunting time due to inclement weather. That’s all part of the experience and it’s why these hunts are more than a week in length. Prepare yourself mentally to roll with the punches and have a great time no matter what.

Staying positive when it’s wet and cold is much easier when you have quality hunting gear. That’s a big part of it. But even then, your mental attitude is what will take you the rest of the way. Whether it’s driving rain, or hot and buggy, don’t let the circumstances get you down.

3. Expect that there will be challenges.

It’s usually not a matter of IF the hunt will be challenging, but HOW. Come with the expectation that you will face challenges. In addition to inclement weather, the hunting might push your physical limits. At some point on the trip you may end up being a little tired and sore. You might blow a stalk or even miss a shot on a quality animal. A letdown like this can be deflating for many hunters. When it happens, be ready to pick up your head and move on.

No matter what the situation delivers, be ready to pick yourself back up and try again! Hunting is fun because it is challenging. And mentally staying in the game, especially on a long hunt, will ultimately help you be more successful and have more fun.

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Written by Ryan McSparran

Ryan McSparran is an outdoor writer, a hunting and fly fishing guide, and very proud to be a part of the Kawdy Outfitters team.