6 Great Reasons to Moose Hunt BC with Kawdy Outfitters

Oct 5, 2022Kawdy News

Moose hunting is for the adventurous. The habitat is often located in difficult terrain, they are very large and skittish and in most cases, moose coexist with a number of serious predators. Moose like thick brush, muddy bogs and any place that is generally difficult to navigate. While there is no such thing as an easy moose hunt, harvesting a trophy bull is an incredible experience. Kawdy Outfitters has built a program that rivals any for size, numbers and comfort.
1. Key Location

The country in northern British Columbia is large and extremely remote. The Kawdy camps are located near the B.C. and Yukon border, at the Yukon drainage headwaters. Many places in the Yukon have low moose densities and thick terrain with low visibility. That’s not the case here. Hunting these high plateaus and relatively open country means that moose are more highly visible.

The remote base camp locations are accessed by plane, ensuring a true wilderness experienced in a low pressure environment. From there, mooose hunts utilize horses or boats to reach even more remote spike camps.

2. Numbers

The overall population densities are higher here than perhaps anywhere else. The remote mountains of northern British Columbia are home to healthy populations of moose. This means more opportunities for Kawdy hunters. The amount of trophy game here is simply unrivaled.

 3. Trophy Quality

The Kawdy camps have a major advantage for trophy quality. Being on the B.C. side of the border, the moose are classified as Canadian but they share the same genetics as Alaska Yukon Moose. They are larger on average than Canadian Moose in other areas making your chance of a record bull much greater. 50-65 inch wide palms is the norm with excellent height and mass qualities.

 4. Horseback Advantage

Kawdy camps use livestock to access difficult terrain. You will spend time in the saddle each day, riding, glassing and calling with your guide until you locate the right bull. Your legs will appreciate the horses and moose are less likely to flee at the sight of horses. If horses are not preferred, hunting from boats is also an option.

 5. Comfortable Camps

Hot meals and hot showers are rare in this remote region. Your camps are setup with full kitchens where the staff makes home cooked meals, hot water for showers and comfortable cabins.

 6. Double Down

Your odds of harvesting a moose within a few days are great. You can double down on mountain caribou to continue hunting. The mountain caribou habitat often overlaps with moose in this area. You can also use the horses to reach higher plateaus where spot and stalk opportunities are common. Most hunters choose to carry tags for more than one species, whether that’s mountain caribou or mountain goat.

These combo hunting opportunities to not require traveling long distances between hunts. In fact, moose, mountain caribou and mountain goat can often be hunted from a single camp. There’s few other places in North America – or worldlwide that offer that kind of combo hunts of this caliber.

For additional info on Moose Hunts and pictures of Kawdy trophies, check out our Moose Hunts page!

Written by Zach Lazzari

Zach Lazzari is a fly fishing guide and freelance writer. When he’s not fishing, Zach is chasing big game, upland birds and waterfowl in the Rocky Mountains and Northwest.