Creature Comforts: 7 Things to Make Hunting Camp Comfortable

Aug 1, 2022B.C. Hunting, Gear, Tips & Advice

Riding horses and hiking all day will leave you tired and ready for the comforts at hunting camp. You won’t need to bring along a giant pile of gear but having a few luxuries is always nice. These are a few of the ways to get comfortable and wind down before you wake up and hit the mountain again.

Hunting Camp in British Columbia

1. Fresh Socks and Underwear

Keep a dedicated set of socks and underwear that are clean, comfortable and ready to slip on when it’s time to relax at camp. While we advise that you should never wear cotton clothing in the backcountry, some soft cotton underwear and socks can feel great after wearing synthetic or merino wool hunting gear all day. Ideally, go with something breathable and soft so your blisters and sore spots can recover.

2. Crocs and Mesh Shorts

In addition to wrapping up your feet in fresh socks, bring along a pair of Crocs to let them breathe. Taking off your hiking boots after a long day feels great and wearing Crocs with a pair of mesh shorts while lounging around is surprisingly rewarding. Bring your most comfortable lounging outfit and enjoy the evenings at camp.

3. Favorite Snacks

Chocolate bars, fruit snacks and any other cravings that you would normally resist at home are nice to have at hunting camp. Your elevated level of calorie burn, combined with the need for energy, makes it possible to have a guilt-free candy bar or treat. Eat a few snacks in camp and take some on the mountain as well.

4. Warm Drinks

Cool, rainy days wear you down physically and mentally. Coming home to a hot cup of tea, hot chocolate, or broth is restorative. It warms you from the inside out and just feels right. I like mint tea with honey after a really long, cold day. The calories and warmth tend to revive you quickly.

5. Balms and Salves

These are as much necessities as they are camp comforts. Bring along ointments, balms and salves to treat sore muscles, aches and aches. If you get saddle sore, they are especially nice to keep your skin from blistering. Bring the stuff you use at home to treat sore muscles and sleep well each night.

6. Portable Hammock

There are plenty of comfortable places to lounge at Kawdy Outfitters hunting camps but portable hammocks pack down to the size of a fist and are nice to have for camping and hunt camps in general. The slow midday is a nice time to nap and swing in a hammock between the early morning and late evening grind.

7. Entertainment

When the sun sets, you might have an hour or two to kill before bed. Bring along a deck of cards, cribbage board or anything portable and packable that will keep you and the other folks at camp entertained. It’s always nice to kill some time playing cards and swapping stories around a campfire.

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Written by Zach Lazzari

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