Cross Training for a Mountain Hunt

Nov 3, 2023Kawdy News

Training for a physically demanding mountain hunt is a long, arduous process. This doesn’t mean it should be monotonous and uninspiring. Cross-training and participating in other sports, competitions and activities is a great way to stay motivated and active during the off-season. Training solo on a mountain is a lonely process in the long run. Work in social activities to create accountability and add some fun to your training routine.


Mountain hunting requires endurance and running is flat out effective for conditioning your legs. You can join a running group or train solo. Sign-up for a local runs, set goals and work towards those events and competitions. Start with a 6k and build up to longer runs as you gain momentum. You can take this very seriously and enter really competitive events or join charitable runs and simply enjoy the overall process while building endurance and maintaining off-season conditioning.

Hiking Clubs and Trail Exercise

You don’t necessarily have to join an official club but hiking with friends is a fun way to stay physically tuned. Consistency is the key to making this work. Get out every week and go with people who will challenge and push you. I like to pick a few difficult peaks for the summer and work up to those hikes with a friend or two. Setting that goal is motivating and reaching several difficult peaks in July and August has my legs ready for the archery season trails in September. You can double up on these trips and use them as scouting missions. I love backpacking to a lake with my fly rod in an area that may hold elk. I’ll glass the morning and evening and fish during the day. It’s a perfect way to have some fun and check off new zones on the map.


Crossfit and other short burst workout programs are not only effective, they are time efficient. Busy professionals can knock out a hard workout in 45 minutes or less and get on with their day. Group workouts are ideal as partners can spot and push each other. Finding a crossfit group is pretty easy in most areas and numerous other local workout program groups exist as well. The key is sticking to program that is engaging and challenging.

Intramural Sports Leagues

Physically demanding sports that require sprinting and strength are ideal. I’m not discouraging you from the local softball league, but it doesn’t translate well to the mountain. Focus on flag football, soccer and even racquetball. Elevating your heart rate and strive for aerobic and anaerobic activity. Sports leagues are fun and will keep you mentally alert and excited as well.


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Written by Zach Lazzari

Zach Lazzari is a fly fishing guide and freelance writer. When he’s not fishing, Zach is chasing big game, upland birds and waterfowl in the Rocky Mountains and Northwest.