FAQs: Big Game Licensing in British Columbia

Nov 10, 2021B.C. Hunting, Kawdy News, Tips & Advice

One of the common questions asked by our hunters, is how licensing works for hunting in British Columbia. The process for obtaining tags here is very straightforward for non-resident Canadians and non-resident aliens. You can purchase everything in advance, making it easy to focus on preparing gear and training for the hunt.

The system is easy to navigate and very straightforward. If you have any issues or questions about tags and licensing, please feel free to contact us and don’t hesitate to ask questions while booking your hunt. We will help get everything in order so you are ready to roll upon arrival.


The first step is obtaining a Fish and Wildlife or FWID card. This is essentially your account for the province and it will link to your online account for ordering licenses. The BCeID is the online account and the next step in the process. After getting the account setup, you can move forward and purchase a general hunting license and specific species licenses. Hunting big game in British Columbia may only be done with a certified guide.

Primary License

The primary hunting license is a straight forward purchase for both non-resident Canadians and aliens. The fee is also very reasonable at around 53-CAD for non-resident and 126-CAD for non-resident aliens. This price is always subject to increase along with the species licenses. It also has a small surcharge along with the license fee. The primary license does not make you legal to hunt specific big game species and you will need individual licenses for each species you intend to target.

Species License

When you begin the process of booking your hunt, we will help you walk through the options for combo hunt opportunities based on your primary objective, the time of year, etc. Even if your number one goal is moose for example, most of our hunters take the opportunity to make it a combo hunt, adding at least one other tag. Moose and mountain caribou is the most popular combo hunt. But whether it includes mountain goat or stone sheep, we can help you with those options and expectations.

When we’ve made these decisions, you’ll then know which specific species licenses we will need to secure. In addition to our primary hunts, many hunters also choose to add wolf and wolverine tags. These are well worth the small investment as you may incidentally cross paths with either species.

In the case that you lose a license while traveling, replacements can be secured for a 10-CAD fee. Youth licenses are also available for anyone under 18-years of age joining a hunt. All youth hunters must be accompanied by an adult, which isn’t an issue here since guides are always present.

Contact Us With Questions

If you have questions about a hunt, licensing or any other details, please don’t hesitate to contact us. From start to finish, we’re here to help make sure you have a memorable hunt. To learn more about our hunts, please take a few minutes to explore the rest of the website.

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Written by Zach Lazzari

Zach is an outdoor writer, a hunting and fly fishing guide, and very proud to be a part of the Kawdy Outfitters team. You can follow Zach’s adventures at bustedoarlock.com.