Hunting a Mountain Caribou Stronghold

Jan 15, 2021B.C. Hunting, Kawdy News

Mountain caribou offer an exceptional hunting opportunity at Kawdy and it’s worth noting the unique nature of the subspecies. Mountain caribou have very different behavioral patterns than their migratory cousins and they have several traits that set them apart.

Targeting mountain caribou in northern British Columbia sets the stage for an exciting hunt with potential to harvest a serious trophy in some of North America’s most spectacular country.

Why Mountain Caribou are Unique

Caribou are well known for their incredible migratory patterns but the mountain sub-species is non-migratory. This does not mean they are completely stationary like a whitetail deer that occupies a small patch of land but they do utilize a dedicated habitat area consistently. This makes them more reliable as a game species because they are always in the neighborhood.

The southernmost mountain caribou herds are struggling with habitat loss along the U.S. Canada border but the northern, remote hunting region is healthy and stable. The mountain caribou here are unique because they can gain some serious antler mass. They tend to have a narrower base than the migratory species but the mass on their antlers is often spectacular. The body mass is also quite large with many bulls weighing in the 600-pound range. They are muscular and capable of moving through difficult terrain to access food where other ungulates would struggle to carve out a living.

Mountain caribou will occupy the same areas year-round, utilizing different elevations to access seasonal food supplies. They travel in smaller herds than migratory caribou and are more segmented across the landscape.

The Kawdy Hunt Area Habitat

Mountain Caribou

Kawdy’s mountain caribou hunts in British Columbia overlap with other big game habitats like moose. Exactly how or where they are hunted depends on the seasonal timing as the caribou move up or down slope with the seasons. However, they are present here throughout the season, making it an excellent addition to any combo hunt. Early season hunters even have opportunities to find them in velvet.

This is one of the few areas where mountain caribou have a large, intact habitat area that is unpressured. They are not pushed around or influenced by human behavior and hunters have the opportunity to witness these caribou in a completely wild and natural state. It’s a truly unique opportunity in that regard. Throw in the quality and abundant bulls available and it’s one of the best caribou hunts to pursue in North America.

Planning a Mountain Caribou Hunt

The hunts begin in August and run through early October, providing a long season of opportunity. The ability to hunt on horseback and combine a mountain caribou hunt with moose or mountain goat creates a target rich environment with the potential for record-book quality animals of each species.

To learn more about these hunts in northern BC, please take a moment to visit the Mountain Caribou page. For details or specific availability, please feel free to contact us.

Mountain Caribou Hunting

Written by Zach Lazzari

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