Mountain Goat

Over the past deacade, there has been a steady increase in demand, popularity and interest in mountain goat hunts. For good reason! These high-adventure hunts provide one of the most incredible experiences in all of big game hunting. The scenery, the remoteness, the extreme terrain and the mountain goats themselves all add up to an unforgettable adventure.

Mountain goats are a totally unique animal. Alghough they share a subfamily with sheep and ibex, they belong to their own unique genus with no other members. There is nothing else like them in the world. This lends to their mystique and their allure as one of North America’s prized big game trophies.

Here in northern British Columbia, we hunt an extremely remote area with a healthy mountain goat population. Not only do we have good numbers of goats, this area produces some big, trophy billies as well. This area is an ideal place to hunt mountain goats, in terms of both quantity an quality of the animals.

More than just a trophy, a B.C. mountain goat hunt with Kawdy Outfitters is about the entire experience. From the charter flight in to one of our comfortable base camps and throughout the trip, we place a very high priority on hospitality and customer service. Comfortable cabins, great meals, excellent horses and professional guides and staff are all a part of the Kawdy experience.

Goat hunters can expect to fly into one of our three base camps, where they will enjoy heated cabins, a hot shower and full kitchen that serves up home-cooked food. From there, we may ride out to a spike cabin or tent camp, depending on the location or particular goats that we intend to hunt.

It’s not uncommon to spend a few hours in the saddle each day as we move to a hunting location. But goat hunters can expect to spend most of the day hunting on foot, where we will leave the horses and spend the day glassing or stalking through the steep terrain. Being in the best shape possible is important on a mountain goat hunt. As you would expect, these animals make their living by surviving in rough country.

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Our hunting area is on British Columbia’s remote northern border. Hundreds of miles from anywhere, we have large numbers of trophy quality animals, like nowhere else in North America.