BC Stone Sheep

Call us biased, but we believe Stone’s are the world’s most beautiful sheep, and the rams we hunt here in northern British Columbia have the color to prove it! The rams in this area have true stone sheep coloring, with dark color and vivid contrast. The area is home to a healthy sheep population and some incredible rams.

Our policy is to harvest rams 8 1/2 years in age or older. This can be challenging for the guide and hunter, especially when viewing a nice ram that’s only six or seven years old, however, the end result is larger rams for our clients and a healthier breeding population.

A B.C. stone sheep hunt with Kawdy Outfitters begins with a charter flight into one of our three scenic base camps. These camps are complete with full kitchens, showers and heated cabins. From there, most sheep hunters can expect to ride horseback to one of our remote spike cabins or wall tent camps. The exact game plan will vary depending on what rams we’ve spotted and which sheep we intend to pursue.

But no matter which camp or where you find yourself on a sheep hunt with Kawdy Outfitters, you can expect a very high level of service along the way. You will be acompanied by one guide and usually a wrangler. Our camps, food, horses and incredible staff are all a part of this world-class experience. You’re here for a sheep, but we believe that the entire experience is critical.

Sheep hunting is a passion of ours, we take it very seriously. Our guides are dedicated sheep hunters and we will do everything in our power to ensure your success. Our season for Sheep hunting starts August 1st and ends October 15th. For availability or details, please give us a call.


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Our hunting area is on British Columbia’s remote northern border. Hundreds of miles from anywhere, we have large numbers of trophy quality animals, like nowhere else in North America.