Please fly with your airline of choice from home to Whitehorse, Yukon the day before you fly into camp. We have all of our clients spend the night in Whitehorse to ensure all luggage and firearms arrive. On the scheduled morning you are to fly into camp you will need to take a taxi down to the float plane dock, Alpine Aviation Charter. From there you will be flown into Northern British Columbia into our guiding concession and into one of three base camps. Once arriving at your base camp your guide and wrangler will be there to greet you.


Most of our clients driving will fly into our camp from Watson Lake, Yukon. You can park your truck at the float base dock and fly with Northern Rockies Air charter. For more information on driving please call Colin.

Travel Insurance

It is common these days to buy travel insurance before taking a vacation is case of an emergency. Consider your hunt your vacation. We do not provide refunds, so we recommend that you get coverage in the event you cannot make the hunt. We highly recommend you protect your hunt investment with trip insurance.

The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC) is now offering travel insurance. Lutz Financial Services has created a special program for clients of GOABC members that includes trip cancellation, trip interruption and in-Canada emergency medical coverage. The coverage is specifically designed for adventure and wilderness holidays and can be tailored for Canadian and international guests.

You can find a link to the GOABC website here:



Colin Neimeyer