Kawdy’s Remote Wilderness Hunts – Are You Ready?

Aug 15, 2019B.C. Hunting, Tips & Advice

The hunting season has arrived and the Kawdy Outfitters team is thrilled to be back in the wilderness. Our camps are running, the horses are working hard and our hunters are already chasing sheep and goats in the high country. If you are hunting this year, it’s time to get ready for a serious wilderness adventure.

Hunters prepping for next year can also use this time to plan and prepare for one of the most remote hunts in the world.  

Physical Conditioning

The best asset for a hunter in the backcountry is a well conditioned pair of legs. Our horses do a good chunk of the heavy lifting and steep climbing but physical preparedness will take you that final distance required to close the gap on a trophy animal. Preparing to run a marathon is not necessary by any means but the ability to climb a steep scree slope and push a little bit while maintaining your breathing for a shot is very useful. Set up a training program and spend the off-season hiking and exercising daily. When it’s your turn on the mountain, that hard work will pay off. 

Dial In Your Gear

Hunting Rifle

Showing up with a brand new load of gear is a mistake. Refine your equipment selection and test everything before traveling long distances for a hunt. Break in your boots on the local trails for several months in advance. Test your layering system and wear the clothing on hikes and during exercise to understand how everything fits and functions. Developing a hot spot because a zipper is rubbing against skin or because your boots are not ready, will create unnecessary discomfort in the backcountry. Test everything thoroughly, then wash it all with a scent eliminating detergent before packing for the hunt.

It also should go without saying that dialing in your rifle is critical. Put in your time at the range and shoot every week for several months leading into the hunt. Practice builds confidence and it ensures your firearm and skills are ready when the time comes.

Up Your Survival Abilities

Wilderness Hunting

A few basic survival skills go a long way towards building confidence in remote environments. While hunting on horseback in the wilderness is typically serene and fun, it helps to have a few things in your pack. Bring along a good fire starting kit that works in wet weather. Waterproof matches and tinder stored in a plastic bag are perfect. A basic medical kit with tape, antibiotic ointment and a blood clotting kit is also important. Your guides are first aid prepared, but having your own basic kit is prudent on any trip.

Lastly, consider carrying a small satellite communication device. The Garmin inreach Mini is very small and you can call for emergency assistance. When paired with an app on your smartphone, you can even use it to send and receive text messages with family and friends. 

Planning Your BC Hunt

If you’d like to learn more about the hunting opportunities here in British Columbia with Kawdy Outfitters, you can find a great deal of information on our website. To speak with us about availability or any other details, we’d encourage you to contact us anytime. Just be aware that response times may be a bit slower during the hunting season.

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Written by Ryan McSparran

Ryan McSparran is an outdoor writer, a hunting and fly fishing guide, and very proud to be a part of the Kawdy Outfitters team.