Organizing Your Next Mountain Hunt

May 27, 2021B.C. Hunting, Gear, Tips & Advice

A new year of mountain hunts are on the horizon and it’s time to work through the details and training. When the time comes, you should be ready to jump on a plane or drive to your destination with everything in order. The prep work will pay off on opening day…

A Mountain Hunt in British Columbia

Start Training

Don’t wait to start a training program. Hit the trails, gym and be consistent about hiking and building your flexibility and stamina. If you’re ready to hike hard on opening day, the advantage is all yours. Physical preparation also reduces the chance of injury when you jump into a mountain hunt and start pushing hard physically. Incorporate a weekly or bi-weekly visit to the range and you will be ready to get in position while making the shot count.

Plan Your Tags and Travel

You can only hunt hard if there are tags in your pocket. Make a wishlist of species, destinations and tag types then decide on which hunts you will pursue next. You can divide them into draw vs purchase categories. Hunting with Kawdy is a matter of scheduling and working through the travel details. Think about the species you desire most and work with the team to schedule the best dates. Combo hunts are the best option, as you have the opportunity to harvest multiple species on a single hunt.

Gear Checklist:

Get your gear in order early and take on a few hikes or backpacking trips to become familiar with everything. Break in your boots and make small adjustments to your pack load until it feels just right.

Firearm or Bow – Keep your rifle or bow protected and strapped to your pack for easy transportation while hiking or riding horseback. Have your ammo immediately accessible and carry a bullet wallet of spare rounds in your pack.

Backpack – Get a well-fitting backpack with a good rain cover for BC hunts. You want to keep everything nice and dry in the field. A large daypack made specifically for hunting is a good idea. Something with a sling or holder for your rifle or bow and plenty of space for extra layers, water and gear.

Clothing – Bring your best layering system. Include base layers, mid layers and insulating layers along with quality rain gear to stay dry. Pack high quality merino wool socks and keep an extra pair in your daypack to swap out when your feet are wet. Keep a comfy, dry set of lounging clothes at basecamp to get comfortable after each day on the mountain.

Optics – When traveling, keep your optics in a good, protective case. Binos, harness, tripod, spotting scope, lens cleaner and a rangefinder should round out your optics for just about every hunt. Use good lens covers to prevent fogging and obstructed views due to moisture in the field.

Water + Snacks – Bring a Nalgene or similar lightweight yet durable water bottle. If you have any favorite snacks, bring along those items that help give you a nice boost in the field. Also consult with the crew because the food served at camp is delicious and filling. They will provide plenty of food to pack along for the day as well.

Safety Kit – Bring a small first aid kit with a lighter and a portable safety GPS like a Garmin inReach. The guides are dialed into the safety plan but it’s always good to carry your own emergency kit. Store everything in a ziplock bag or ultralight storage bag with your tags to keep it all dry.

Headlamp – Harvesting an animal late in the day means working in the dark and returning to camp after nightfall. A quality headlamp is an absolute necessity on any mountain hunt. Keep spare batteries at camp as well as a spare set in your backpack.

Processing – Bring along your lightweight field dressing kit, field sharpener and throw some game bags in the horse saddle bags to process your trophy in the field. On any guided hunt, check with the outfitter before you load your daypack – it may be unnecessary to carry duplicate items that your guide is already packing.

Contact Us with Questions

If you have questions about hunting in northern British Columbia with Kawdy Outfitters, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help you plan your next mountain hunt. To learn more about the guided hunts we offer, please explore the rest of our website.

Written by Zach Lazzari

Zach is an outdoor writer, a hunting and fly fishing guide, and very proud to be a part of the Kawdy Outfitters team. You can follow Zach’s adventures at