Portable Power, Staying Charged in the Backcountry

Jul 28, 2018 | Gear, Kawdy News

Portable power systems have come a long ways in the past couple of years and that is great news for hunters and guides who travel to remote hunting destinations. Traditionally, you had to pack a great big camera with multiple batteries to get any quality video or photo footage on trips. A fuel powered generator, fuel canisters and heavy batteries were also needed to power a remote camp.

With modern battery and solar technology, you can power an entire camp with lights, electronics and tools with a fraction of the weight. You can also recharge on the sun with portable, easy to use solar panels. These out of the box systems are fantastic for hunters, guides and outfitters alike.

Solar Lanterns

Numerous solar powered lantern options are available and at some pretty low price points. The MPOWERD lantern designs are especially attractive because they are inflatable. When deflated, they pack down into a very small, portable unit that weigh next to nothing. Blow them up, place in the sun while you’re out hunting, and they will light up your camp all night. In terms of ease and efficiency, this is pretty hard to beat. While plenty of battery and gas powered lanterns are available, these space saving solar designs are impressive and easy to use.

Solar Panel Chargers and Small Batteries

Several companies offer portable solar panels to charge your electronics directly. GoalZero was one of the first players in this market and their products continue to really perform. Portable solar panels that fold up and easily fit in a backpack can keep you charged in the field with a simple USB connection. There are also plenty of small battery packs that charge off a USB and can easily recharge your phone battery 1-3 times without weighing down a pack. Combine a small battery and portable solar panel and you can stay charged on top of any mountain.

Power Generators

If you need to recharge cameras, power tools and any battery powered equipment, full on battery generators with portable solar options are available. Again, GoalZero is a leading brand but more options are emerging in this relatively new market. You can find lead acid battery systems with built-in inverters and ports for any number of electronics or you can go Lithium and have an extremely durable battery that can discharge completely without consequence. The Lithium models are ideal but also priced higher. I have a small GoalZero Sherpa 100 with a Nomad 20 solar panel and it recharges quickly off solar and my vehicle while driving. The small units fits in my travel bag and easily recharges my laptop 2-3 times. The bigger units could power a refrigerator and handle some relatively large power draws at long-term campsites.

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Written by Zach Lazzari

Zach Lazzari is a fly fishing guide and freelance writer. When he’s not fishing, Zach is chasing big game, upland birds and waterfowl in the Rocky Mountains and Northwest.