Post Holiday Workouts – Getting Back in the Saddle

Jan 13, 2017Kawdy News

You trained all year, had some great fall hunts and now it’s time to make some resolutions and get back in gear for next season. If you are like me, the last month or so has been a whirlwind of holiday parties, craft beer and finger foods. The waistline is stretching and those hard earned muscles are starting to soften. Here is a good plan to jump back into action in the New Year.

 1. Set a Morning Schedule

It’s all about the discipline. Set a schedule and stick to the regimen. Start your days early with a glass of water and an early morning workout. Eat a solid breakfast after with some protein and vegetables. Eggs with lightly sautéed veggies on a bed of spinach will fill you up and stabilize your insulin. This routine charges your energy for the day and puts you back on track.

2. Get Limber

Focus on flexibility early in the year. Stretch, do yoga and work on slow moving exercises that push flexibility. You will build your core back up and prevent future injuries. Flexibility training will hone your mental focus while preparing your body for more intensive workouts. Carry this practice throughout the year but really focus on increasing your range of motion before you ramp up the workout intensity.

3. Short Bursts

You have all summer to hit the trails and build up endurance for long fall hunting treks. Start with short burst workouts in the New Year and build the core strength. Increase your heart rate for short periods through interval training. Sprints, plyometrics and short runs are great for boosting your heart rate. Short workouts match the short winter days and are not too time intensive. They are very productive however.

4. Cross Train

Keep your routine fresh through cross-training. Throw on a pair of snowshoes or cross-country skis and hit the trails. Any outdoor activity during the winter months helps keep your body moving while improving mental focus. The gym routine often becomes stagnant. Take advantage of any opportunity to get outside, especially when the sun is shining.

Written by Zach Lazzari

Zach Lazzari is a fly fishing guide and freelance writer. When he’s not fishing, Zach is chasing big game, upland birds and waterfowl in the Rocky Mountains and Northwest.