Recommended Clothing for a British Columbia Hunt

Oct 3, 2018 | Gear, Kawdy News

We don’t believe that having the best new gear and clothing will make you a better hunter. But if it keeps you more comfortable in the field, then it is certainly worth the investment. When you are not worried being cold or wet, you’ll be able to hunt longer and harder. Most importantly, you’ll have more fun!

At Kawdy Outfitters, we hunt a remote and rugged area. Hunters can expect changing weather conditions and physically challenging terrain.

When it comes to selecting gear for a remote combo hunt, we recommend investing in high quality items that are lightweight and durable. Every person has a different tolerance for heat and cold, so it’s difficult to recommend specific pieces. But the following list should help provide you with a working example.

Here is a typical clothing system that we’d recommend for a hunt in northern British Columbia:

Base Layers

We recommend quality merino wool tops and bottoms for your base layers. High quality merino wool breathes well, it manages moisture, and it dries quickly. An added benefit is that it resists odors much better than synthetics. We recommend a lightweight set of merino base layers, and a heavier set for cold weather. Don’t forget some merino wool boxer shorts to complete your base layer.


We like packing two options for mid-layers. First, pack a lightweight sweater or vest. Next, pack a puffy jacket for colder temps. Having two different insulating layers will allow you to adjust to conditions as needed.

For your lighter insulation layer, consider a fleece jacket or pullover. This will add some nice warmth without adding a lot of weight to your system.

For your warmer insulation piece, go with a down or synthetic puffy. These jackets are light and they easily stuff into your pack when you don’t need them. But it also provides excellent warmth when conditions turn cold. Look for a puffy jacket that has a durable face fabric and a DWR coating that can repel rain and snow.


Find a high quality pair of wool or synthetic hunting pants that fit you well. Different brands fit different body types, so we recommend trying on a few. Merino wool pants are very quiet, comfortable and highly breathable. Synthetic pants don’t breathe as well, but they often come with a DWR coating to help fight off a little rain.

When looking for rain gear, purchase the best you can afford. A great set of breathable rain gear is essential on a long hunt in B.C. Even when it’s not raining, you may find yourself moving through wet willows and spruce thickets on these hunts. It wouldn’t be uncommon to wear rain gear nearly every day of the hunt.

Gloves and Accessories

In addition to your base layers, mid-layers and outerwear, bring a warm hat for cold mornings and evenings. Plus, pack a brimmed cap to keep the sun out of your eyes on sunny days. For gloves, a quality pair of leather gloves is great for long days on horseback or climbing through rocky terrain. When the weather turns cold and snowy, an insulated, water-resistant glove is a great choice.

Finally, don’t neglect your feet. Bring good merino wool socks and a tough set of gaiters. Gaiters will protect your rain pants from abuse and provide an extra layer of protection to keep your boots dry.

To learn more about our hunts in northern British Columbia, please explore the rest of our website. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Written by Ryan McSparran

Ryan McSparran is an outdoor writer, a hunting and fly fishing guide, and very proud to be a part of the Kawdy Outfitters team.