What to Expect on a B.C. Mountain Goat Hunt

Feb 2, 2024B.C. Hunting, Hunting Stories

No matter when or where you pursue them, hunting mountain goats is one of hunting’s greatest adventures. On a goat hunt, you will probably set foot in places that you’d otherwise never venture. Goat country will test your endurance. It’s challenging, and that’s why we love it.

The adventure and challenge of mountain goat hunting has captured the interest of many mountain hunters. We frequently receive questions about these hunts. So we thought we’d share some details. Of course each hunt is a totally unique experience. But here’s a look at what the experience is like here on a typical B.C. Mountain Goat Hunt with Kawdy Outfitters.

Travel and Arrival

Mountain goat hunters typically fly into Whitehorse, Yukon the day before their charter flight into camp. Whitehorse is a popular hub for hunters who are heading out to hunt in parts of the Yukon and British Columbia. The town is always buzzing with sheep, goat and moose hunters.

Charter Flight

After a night at a hotel in Whitehorse, the adventure really begins. Hunters will catch a taxi to the float plane dock. From here, you’ll catch your charger flight to one of our camps in remote, northern British Columbia.

This is always an exciting flight, as you leave the last traces of civilization behind, and enjoy the incredible mountain scenery from the small floatplane. After landing at camp, you’ll have a chance to relax and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Hunters will have time to organize their gear, load the backpack, and make sure everything is ready for the hunt.

The Hunting Experience

Here at Kawdy Outfitters, we depart camps on horseback in order to hunt this vast and remote country. We’re able to approach mountain goat country on horseback, saving us miles of climbing and walking from the lakes and river valleys below. You’ll still have plenty of work ahead of you once we reach a high saddle or a remote mountain cirque. But these excellent mountain horses certainly cut the distance.

Mountain Goat Hunt

On a mountain goat hunt, you will be accompanied by your guide and usually an assistant guide or wrangler. You might be hunting out of one of our main base camps. Or, you might be staying in one of our spike cabins. In either case, you can expect a cozy cabin, a bunk with a mattress, and hot meals. Unless the situation requires it to approach a big billy, we often hunt out of these remote cabins, rather than backpacking tents.

B.C. Hunting Camp

In the mornings, your wrangler will saddle the horses. After a hot breakfast, we’ll hop into the saddles and ride into a remote drainage to begin glassing for goats. You can expect steep country and an adventurous day of hunting and glassing these spectacular peaks and basins. When we spot a mature billy, it will be time to make the stalk! Getting within range of a big billy can be a challenge. It might require steep climbs, and travel through rocky and rough terrain. This is where you’ll be glad you’re in good shape!

When goat hunting, there’s nothing like sneaking up over a ridge and seeing those white shapes within range. In many cases, there will be multiple goats within view. Your guide will help talk you through it, making sure you’re on the best billy.

B.C. Mountain Goat

After the Harvest

Upon harvest, we will spend plenty of time taking quality photos and enjoying the moment. Then, our guide will get to work breaking down your goat. No matter how tired you are, there’s something energizing about that successful ride back to camp with the cape and the meat. You might be sore the next day, but you’ll probably still have the same big grin on your face.

In the case of most combo hunts, you will be able to continue hunting for other species for the duration of your hunt. Meanwhile, your cape will usually be picked up and flown back to base camp to be salted. At the conclusion of your hunt, you’ll catch a charter flight back to Whitehorse, where you will usually spend a night before heading home.

Contact Us with Questions

We hope this gives you a better idea of the mountain goat hunting experience that we offer here at Kawdy Outfitters in British Columbia. If you’d like more information, please explore the rest of our website. For specifics and availability, please contact us.

Written by Ryan McSparran

Ryan McSparran is an outdoor writer, a hunting and fly fishing guide, and very proud to be a part of the Kawdy Outfitters team.