Tips to Keep Up Your Energy On a Multi-Day Hunt

Mar 21, 2022B.C. Hunting, Tips & Advice

Keep Up Your Energy on a Mountain Hunt

We all start fresh on the first day of a hunt, but every subsequent day on the mountain tests the energy and resolve of hunters. Inevitably, there will be days where you drag and struggle to keep up. It happens to everyone and there are simple ways to get your energy up and elevate focus quickly.

The next time you can’t sleep because your mind is racing about a big bull moose or you simply hit a physical wall, use these tips to make your days more comfortable and energized.

Carry a Thermos with Something Hot

Not many things are capable of warming you from the inside out while delivering a solid energy boost. Hot coffee is not uncommon but opting for something richer and more calorie-dense is a good idea on physically challenging hunts. The calories will send instant energy into your body and you often really feel the boost.

Hot chocolate is a favorite in the field and adding a small amount of butter will add calories. Or, consider using the drink supplements available from companies like Wilderness Athlete or Mountain Ops.

If you prefer something savory, soups like chicken noodle or tomato can also serve you well in the field. A thermos of warm soup is especially nice on cold days with long glassing sessions.

No matter which soup or beverage you decide to pack, use a double-walled thermos like those from Yeti to keep the contents hot all day. Not crazy about carrying a heavy thermos in your pack if you’re hunting steep country? Just keep it in the saddlebags with your horse.

Keep Up Your Energy on a Multi-Day Hunt

Keep the Snacks Handy

Dedicate a small exterior pocket on your daypack to snacks and throw all of your normal, at-home snacking rules out the window. In the backcountry, snacks are not only acceptable – they are often necessary. Bring snacks that are either comfort foods, calorie-dense, or both. I carry honey sticks, jerky, trail mix and candy bars. A boost of sugar can do wonders when you are cold or tired.

Stay Hydrated

Food isn’t the only energy booster. Dehydration will slow you down, increase soreness and lead to longer recovery times from physical activity. Drink water regularly throughout the day and carry a few drink mix packets for a quick pickup. Avoid energy drinks with excessive caffeine and sugar. Look for mixes with natural ingredients and important electrolytes. Adding these supplements to your water will also add flavor, encouraging you to drink more throughout the day. Of course, there is no substitute for good old-fashioned water.

Short Activity Bursts to Spike Focus

You hit the snack pocket, chugged water and enjoyed a warm hot chocolate. You are probably feeling pretty good but it’s not always enough to motivate you through a late hike or a glassing session that has you nodding off into a nap. A quick burst of activity will get the blood flowing, warm you up and restore focus. Try doing a short set of jumping jacks or burpees when you are struggling. It’s amazing how your brain can turn from foggy to crystal clear and ready for action in a minute or two. It’s also a great way to warm up and stretch before tackling a big hike or difficult stalk.

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