What Makes a Stone Sheep Hunt So Unique?

Mar 19, 2021B.C. Hunting

Stone Sheep (Ovis Dalli Stonei) are one of the most unique and special big game species on the planet. The same could be said about any variety of wild sheep. But the Stone Sheep is revered as one of the most beautiful. Harvesting a ram is a serious accomplishment for many hunters.

Stone Sheep Hunt

Here are a few things that make a stone sheep hunt so unique:

Limited Distribution

Stone Sheep are a subspecies of the thinhorn sheep or Ovis dalli. This makes them closely related to Dall Sheep. Like Dall Sheep, they live in remote places where access is limited.

Stone sheep are native to the northwestern region of North America and are only found in a very small part of remote northern British Columbia and southern Yukon, making them exclusive to Canada. This limited range and the isolated terrain they occupy is certainly part of their allure.

Difficult Terrain and Access

Stone Sheep do not live anywhere convenient for bipedal access. For hunters, bush flights and access on horseback are the primary means of getting close to stone sheep. After the intensive travel into remote backcountry locations, hiking vertical slopes and scrambling along rocks and through scree fields can be expected. The only place you might find stone sheep with any type of road access, is in Stone Mountain Provincial Park and Muncho Lake Provincial Park, where hunting is not allowed.

Exceptional Camouflage

Stone sheep are undeniably beautiful animals. The coloration can range from gray to chocolate, to almost black. These dark colors provide a stark contrast from the white on their belly, legs and rump.

This coloring gives them incredible camouflage. Like other wild sheep, stone sheep often blend right into the rocks and hillsides they occupy. Glassing requires incredible scrutiny to pick apart the landscape while attempting to locate rams. This adds a serious layer of challenge to the hunt after traveling to basecamp and then pushing further on horses and foot to reach the right habitat zones.

A True Sheep Hunter’s Challenge

A large part of the allure for hunters is the challenge required on a stone sheep hunt. There is no easy path and no way to cheat this hunt. Hunting Stone Sheep is physically and mentally challenging, even when everything goes as planned.

The weather can be unpredictable. Waiting out storms isn’t uncommon and the weather can quickly change from warm to downpours and then again to blizzards. Prepare for anything and everything nature can throw your way.

Hunters can plan on hiking hard and glassing for long periods of time while testing your abilities and your gear. It’s important for hunters to bring a solid set of shooting skills to the table. Those investing in a sheep hunt may even find it worthwhile to take a shooting class before their hunt.

Stone Sheep country is rugged and tough but the reward is a rare ram that places you in a small group of hunters who have accepted the challenge!

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Stone Sheep Hunt in British Columbia

Written by Zach Lazzari

Zach is an outdoor writer, a hunting and fly fishing guide, and very proud to be a part of the Kawdy Outfitters team. You can follow Zach’s adventures at bustedoarlock.com.