What’s in Your Day Pack? Accessories that Matter

Jun 12, 2024Gear, Tips & Advice

Ready for your next backcountry hunt? Carrying a few critical accessories can really improve your experience in the backcountry. That doesn’t mean you should load a pack full of gadgets. But some do make a massive difference in the field. They are often the most simple and purposeful items as well.

Accessories for a Mountain Hunt

Wind Check

There is one universal truth in hunting – your scent is a dead giveaway. It doesn’t matter where you go or what species you chase, playing the wind is critical. A wind check system is convenient and should be a habitual use item.

You can always get your finger wet and point to the sky to gauge wind direction but a small bottle with unscented powder is the best way to really visualize where the wind is moving. It can even show when the wind is swirling on occasion. Keep your wind check close and use it often.

Hiking Poles

A surprising number of hunters forego hiking poles and they are missing out on a major advantage. Trekking poles help you through the steep terrain while making it possible to go farther and longer with less fatigue. They also take pressure off your knees and joints.

Invest in a quality set of trekking poles and use at least one in the backcountry. Two are better for those longer hikes. There are varying degrees of quality with trekking poles and the higher end models are often lighter and made with more comfortable grips. High quality models will also pack down smaller, taking up less space and weight in your pack.

Optics Tripod

Weight is always an issue in the backcountry. On horseback hunts you have more luxuries and can bring a solid tripod for your spotting scope and binoculars. A portable, telescoping tripod made for compact storage is worth bringing along on every hunt. Having a stable glassing platform makes it possible to search for long periods of time and find animals that you would simply miss otherwise. Bring your best glass and a quality tripod system.

Bow or Rifle Sleeve

Carrying your bow or shouldering a rifle all day is not necessary. Some packs are built with straps to carry your weapon while in transit but many do not have these integrations. A simple bow or rifle sleeve that attaches to your pack makes a huge difference in the backcountry. You need to protect your weapon but handling it constantly is a pain. Get a quality sleeve, you won’t regret the upgrade.

Navigation Tools

On guided hunts, it’s easy to skimp on navigation aides but bringing along a GPS system is never a bad idea. At the very least, carry an emergency satellite messenger like the Garmin InReach to transmit your location in case of an emergency. Additionally, consider downloading a digital mapping application like OnX Hunt or Gaia that allows you to bring topo and satellite maps on your smartphone as well.

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Hunting Accessories for a Guided BC Hunt

Written by Zach Lazzari

Zach is an outdoor writer, a hunting and fly fishing guide, and very proud to be a part of the Kawdy Outfitters team. You can follow Zach’s adventures at bustedoarlock.com.