Winter Reading List to Inspire Your Next Hunt

Dec 4, 2020Hunting Stories, Kawdy News

Winter is here and that means it’s time to sit by a warm fire with a good book. Numerous great hunting-specific books are readily available along with plenty of naturalists and region-specific literature. Order up a pile of books or read them on a kindle to get yourself inspired and excited about future hunts!

Mountain Sheep Hunting in British Columbia – Wilfred Klingsat

The die hard sheep hunters will love the stories and detailed insights in this book. New hunters will also find great information about gear and strategies, woven into well humored stories about sheep hunting in Canada. If you’re looking to check a stone sheep off the bucket list, read this book to get yourself excited for the adventure.

Great American Hunting Stories

This collection of hunting stories is gathered and edited by Lamar Underwood. It has a great group of hunting stories from various authors. Some of the stories come from famous authors like Zane Grey, Theodore Roosevelt and the legendary William Hornaday. There are a few great books with short story collections and this is certainly one of the best on that list.

A Hunters’ Heart: Honest Essays on Blood Sport 

Another great collection of stories, this one is edited by outdoor writer David Peterson. A few of the author’s include Rick Bass, Terry Tempest Williams and Tom McGuane. It even has an essay from President Jimmy Carter. This is an excellent collection and one of the favorites among a long list of hunters. It’s also easy to purchase on Amazon and is carried by a wide variety of bookstores.

Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter – Steve Rinella

This introspective book follows ten different hunts where the author makes connections between nature, modern life, family and the history of hunting in America. It’s an excellent read that should have a place on every modern hunter’s bookshelf. If you want to learn about this book and the other books by the same author, head over to the Meat Eater website.

Naturalist Books

If this is your first trip to British Columbia, learning about the local flora and fauna will only enrich the experience. The same goes for repeat visitors. The Plants of Northern British Columbia is an excellent starting point and much of the content is focused on species that are encountered during a Kawdy hunt. Birds of British Columbia by David Stirling is another to consider. You will be spending plenty of time behind binoculars looking for game. Identifying the occasional bird is always fun during these glassing sessions. Pockets are also nice because they travel well.

Snowy Hunting Lodge

Written by Zach Lazzari

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